CA Osasuna - Real Madrid

fot. SOPA Images/SIPA


Marcos Asensio Willemsen (fordward; Real Madrid) and Aridane Hernandez (defender; CA Osasuna) are seen in action during the Spanish football of La Liga Santander, match between CA Osasuna and Real Madrid at the Sadar stadium in Pamplona. (Final score; CA Osasuna 0:0 Real Madrid) - Fernando Pidal / SOPA Images//SOPAIMAGES_sopa011096/2101101207/Credit:SOPA Images/SIPA/2101101208 2021.01.09 Pampeluna Pilka nozna liga hiszpanska La Liga CA Osasuna - Real Madrid Foto SOPA Images/SIPA/PressFocus !!! POLAND ONLY !!!